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Date 03-03-21 10:45

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Start the combat for the 17º place of the official League Peso Superwelter.
Today have gathered at the Stadium 1.220 Loss freaks boxing.

In the corner right with 147,36 kilos and wearing the breeches red have Joseba1983 NEPAL
His official record is 50 victories with 49 KO`s 0 losses and 0 draws.
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In the left corner with 59,19 kilos wearing blue pants we have Traful9978 ESPAÑA
His official record is 5 victories with 0 KO`s 9 losses and 0 draws.
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The boxers exchange sportsmanship a greeting in the center of the ring.
Joseba1983 has taken the position Peek a Boo, in front of him, Traful9978 be flagged for Guardia Básica.
Joseba1983 girth gives you a +6,25% damage.
A lighter body allows Traful9978 an increase of +6,25% to the probability of hitting.

Round 1º

Without thinking twice Joseba1983 runs a LEFT PUNCH looking for openings.
Traful9978 absorbs part of the impact by stiffening the guard. (-261 extra )
Joseba1983 swings his body forming the infinity symbol, prepares to throw the DEMPSEY ROLL! (+25% Dempsey Roll)
Joseba1983 changes weight upwards with his left..
Traful9978 has been reached. (-1.264 extra kobox punto) (+2% boost)
Joseba1983 not stop, change his weight and throws another blow.
Traful9978 keeps his guard firm. (-1.120 extra ) (+2% boost)
Traful9978 falls to the ground. (kobox punto)
Traful9978 get on his feets at the count of 4. (+1.826 ) (-1.826 )
The referee check his status before resuming the fight.
Joseba1983 attacks with a right SMASH going to the stomach.
Traful9978 has been reached. (-2.624 extra kobox punto)
Traful9978 has fallen, the referee approaches. (kobox punto)
Traful9978 rises when the referee pronounced 7. (+1.826 ) (-1.826 )
The referee is ready to resume the match.
Joseba1983 tries to surprise his opponent with a right SMASH to the body.
Traful9978 has been reached. (-3.243 extra kobox punto)
Traful9978 can´t hold any longer and falls (kobox punto)
Joseba1983 has won by technical knockout since Traful9978 has gone to the floor 3 times in the same round.


The battle has ended, in the center of the ring the referee holds the hands of the boxers. He is ready to proclaim the winner.
Joseba1983 is the winner of the match by KO.