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Overview of regulations

Kobox is a completely free game. We only ask that you follow our rules of conduct. If you think someone is breaching the rules, please: report it using the contact form.

We ask you to be respectful of other boxers since to Kobox we come to have fun and have a good time. Insults and bad behavior have no place and therefore will not be tolerated.

From Kobox we try to improve the game constantly. It can be added new functions at any time. Some will like you more than others but we want you to understand that our goal is always the improve. An "endless" game as Kobox implies that sometimes may be necessary to do adjustments and tweaks.
For example to avoid that some fighters will become invincible. In other words, the developers monitor game, and sometimes it is necessary to control and correct certain things.
We try to do this in the most transparent way possible. Preferably we announce with changes time so everyone can adjust their strategies. However, sometimes this is not always possible, and changes are made ´no more´.

It is only allowed to a boxer by user. Payments on your account details you do not share with anyone or enter the of another Boxer. If they play several from the same computer do not commit abuses.

In general, the servers are always running With the exception of any possible interruptions or upgrades. We always try to notify the service interruptions, but under extreme circumstances, it is possible that we are forced to fix the problems without being able afford to notify in advance.

Sometimes happen unexpected (errors). If you see that something happens I miss in the game: Let us know via the form of contact. Remember to bring all possible details about the problem and we will miss him at a glance. When an important error occurs we try to solve it as possible fair but for practical reasons the fighting cannot return to play. Unfair refereeing decisions, the state prior to combat and bad luck are, after all, part of the game.

You can access the complete rules of Kobox here.