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Frequently asked questions explained step by step with video tutorials.
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- How is my Boxer? What are its attributes?

You can access a lot of information from the profile of the Boxer. Remember that to view details extras must pose the mouse pointer over the different options.

- ¿How do I train?

If we want to reach the top we must prepare our body to withstand the combat´s pace.
Training will allow us to knock down the beating our opponents and improve guard will help us to stop the beating rival.

- How do I start a fight?

The training has been hard but was worth. Your fists anxiously await challenges one of the boxers in your category. Ring the Bell, the instinct makes you move forward, rival returns you look. What are you waiting for to K.O. him? Your fans are calling for victory!

- How do I get income by sponsor?

Who I was going to say that you´d have offers to be a corporate brand image?
To increase your - cache publicist - will have to climb positions in the ring and levels of experience.

- How do I follow a diet?

We recommend to follow a strict weight control to maximize your results since the fight depending on our weight and the rival we get an extra bonus to the chance of hitting (if you weigh less) or damage causing our hits (if weigh more).
Also depending on the type of diet you follow improvements permanent some qualities and also you can temporarily improve your health and stamina regeneration during the fighting.

- How do I tattoo myself?

Tattoos allow you to get the idea of the benefits that you would have to train these qualities. It is also a quick way to strengthen the weak points of your boxer or even enhance your style.

- How do I sign up to an official title?

- How I am cured in nursing?

After the match you can visit nurse to heal wounds immediately.

- How do I learn to launch new hits?

As you achieve fortune you´ll learn new strokes and combinations that spread terror over your rivals. Each blow has qualities that are trainable and have special abilities that grant extra bonuses during combat.