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Manual Kobox

This is the manual of Kobox. To a quick introduction: Visit the Guide for beginners.

Combat: Impose the pace

The development of muscle is crucial to achieve the mastery of combat through the physical dexterity.

To take the initiative, the Boxer can create actions of physical dexterity to impose its rhythm over the rival. The extra bond that is obtained of these actions is valid only for the disputed round. Some of the actions are:

- Game feet, footwork actions boxer who can make better use of the legs get 1 extra round pace.
- Interchange of blows a short distance, the trunk musculature is essential to endure oponents attacks and make his fall back , obtain 1 of timing extra in a round
- Exchange of blows to middle distance, shoulder musculature improves rolling Boxer allowing Boxer to resist for longer Exchange, gets 1 extra round pace.
- Exchange of blows over long distances, the arm muscles is essential to impose long-distance rate gets 1 bonus round.

The boxer with more physical skill in such situations is more likely to be imposed on the opponent. By winning a physical dexterity action you obtain 1 to te round pace.

In addition there are special actions which may appear during the fighting. Depending on the action will face one or another aspect of our Boxer. The bonds of these actions are valid only for disputed round. Some of the special actions are :

- Swollen sing their songs encouraging his fighter is more likely that the largest number of supporters and fans achieve hobby be heard and therefore do feel your backed boxer, getting the rhythm 1. Played in the stadium fights fans put more eager to encourage.

There is another type of special rate actions, the so-called "contra-ritmo" actions to avoid that a boxer ends up dominating all aspects of rhythm. In such actions the Boxer with slower pace in favor will try to break the rhythm of the opponent either with provocations or taking forces where they can.

Combat: Victory

To achieve victory over the ring being the best is not enough, let´s prove it!

Each time we hit the rival we cause them damage. If we hit enough will end up falling and once on the canvas will have to sacrifice some of their remaining resistance (if it has fallen by a blow to the face) or health (if it has fallen by a blow to the body) to rise. Failure to do battle will be over and you will be the winner by KO

If it manages to rise or are not able to topple him not to worry, there are tough boxers, you can still win the bout via decision. You can see the count at the end of each round. When you reach the last round the judges declared winner who has more points :

ritmo - 6 decision points are obtained by dominating the rhythm of the round.
ritmo - If your opponent imposes the rhythm of the round, you get 4 points for decision.
knock - Whenever it knocks the opponent 2 decision points are obtained.
saludpuntos - Whenever the face of rival is cleanly hit 2 decision points are obtained.
resispuntos - Whenever the body is hit cleanly rival 1 decision point is obtained.
ritmo - 2 decision points are obtained to be the fighter that further punishment has caused during the assault.
ritmo - As the boxer who has more health punished the rival during the assault 1 decision point is obtained.
ritmo - The fighter who have done more damage to his rival´s body during the round get 1 point to the decision.

In case of losing do not worry, you will be able to try again. It is better to prepare and wait for your opportunity that fight like crazy without even studying the opponent. With the time you will see how you find and fix your weakpoints and also discover the ones of your rival and take advantage of them.

Training :The Gym

The training is pilar Kobox base, you must not neglect it.
You need to book hours in a gym to train the Boxer. There are four gyms different, ordered from lowest to greatest efficiency: the neighborhood gym, gym in the capital, the national gymnasium and high performance gym. How many more stars has a gym is the bonus that brings to the exercises. For example the neighborhood gym has a star by providing a 1 x to exercise while high performance gym has four stars and therefore provides a x 4 the results of the exercise.

You must think that as good is the gym, more it´s going to cost booking hours, so many times is better train more hours in a gym with less level than few in a high level gym.

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